Saturday, March 12, 2016

And hello there :)

Well, i've been gone for far too long now. its already 12th of March 2016 hahaha. so i guess spm examination is already over. and i got my results already. it's 3A+ for english maths and account. 2A for pendidikan moral and malay. 1A- for sejarah. 1B+ for physics. 1B for addmath and lastly 1C+ for chemist. well i tried my best. it was last minute effort. its not that satisfying but well its okay. i should be greatful for it. so i guess another journey awaits. i have to continue my studies now. i hope i dont make the wrong decisions. i just hope everything will go well. so yeah i guess this is all i wanna talk about. im gonna delete my old embarassing post >.< goodbye