Friday, December 28, 2012


Now that i think of it, in just 3 days i am 15 already. Then school starts. I'll be struggling for PMR next year. That means less online for me and more studying. My mom expects me to get many A's. But i'm not smart like the other kids out there. But mom just don't get me. But i can't blame her, she wants a better future for me. I'll must work hard to make her proud of me. My UPSR results suckss. ==" 2A's 3B's and 2D's ! i failed my chinese. Hohoho. but i and A for english and malay paper one. maths,science and malay paper two B. i was hoping malay ppr 2 was A. but i was just so stupid. my real targer was 3A's 2B's and 2C's . tapi nda kesampaian............... biarlahh tu kenangan lampau :-P skrng mau fokus PMR!! well maybe this is too early to set a target but my targe!t is 4A's 3B's. wakakakaka. kalau dapat laaa :'( that's why i wanna work hard! no more fooling around! and most of all NO MORE FALLING IN LOVE! falling in love with someone adalah perkara yg paling buang masa! hilang fokus mau belajar! haisss. t'ingt terus bad memories ohh spanjang 2012 ==" i cried 3 times for 3 different guys! how weak. that's why i didn't focus much on my exams this year. and i had bad grades == ! mana dpt fokus kan ? jadi i will force myself to block my heart! tapi mcm mana ba tdamau jatuh sinta ni? :( i fall for guys easily aishhhh. itula kelemahan sa. i love them easily. and i get hurt easily too. tapi i'll try my best to keep my head on the books. next year no more jalan2 with friends, no more online-ing too much. ahhahaha,. kbye. tba2 malas mau menaip

Monday, December 24, 2012

annoying person -,-

So there's this person. i've been ditching him, quite a long time already. Let's say, he's my worse nightmare? Nahhh, just kidding. Well, he's not really my worse nightmare. Well, i just hate him. He's actually an EX ==" he broke up with me two times then he asked me a third chance. Dulu la. Bla bla bla. lama juga dia brabis merayu. balik2 sa reject suda. it's been almost a year i haven't seen his face. I forgot how he looks like already. Since he moved to somewhere else. But who cares. Kin gali dia guna ayat2 jiwang dulu. hahahaha. bila t'ingt balik lucu pula. wahahaha. susah btl mau buat dia give up. terpaksa sa guna cara menipu yg sa ada urg lain sdh. tus blablabla bnyk perkara b'laku. mls sa mau taip hehehoho. ntah npa sa xmau kasi dia chance. i really don't have any intentions of taking him back, but when i heard he moved on and has a new girlfriend. i felt devastated. I don't even know why. but deep down inside, i still care bout him. hahaha. so we just become friendas. then, lama2 makin kin panas gaya dia !@#$%^& then i ditch him. i never replied his text messages ever again. i didn't even think of him a bit. because he texted me so many times and i didn't replied then maybe he thought i changed my number and he never texted me again. Baguslah (Y) then sejak sekian lama, i was scrolling on facebook, and i liked every post that i saw. then suddenly, i saw this person facebook name, it gave me nostalgia feelings bout his name. but i didn't remember anything. I just felt like i knew that name. but that facebook account didn't use real name. so, i checked his profile, then something hit me on my brain. it was him. then i checked his picture. but i don't even remember his face anymore. he looked more mature than the last time i saw him at school. i wasn't sure if that was him or not. so looked through my old facebook conversations, blm lagi t'smpai tmpt dia then dpt chat dari tu fb. dia bilang hai:) tus sa pura2 tanya sepa ni. tus dia ckp dia tu urg. zzzz. nahh kan. so i'm chatting with him now. and he got a new gf already. but says his lonely. ishhh budu teda urg tanya. to be honest, sakit juga la hati. tapi biarlah. siapa suru sya :D k la. malas sa mau lyn dia. ba sa chau dulu. peace yo. hahahahha.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


I just realise something. I've just snapped out of it. Haha, my big bro yg kasi snap, we just got back from sunset mass at church, and kami sekeluarga pgi mkn d kadai, and like always, i accidently teased my lil bro, then mula la drg ijik2 sa ==" tba2 my big bro masuk campur. then the war began. selalu pun bgtu. Mesti drg ijik orang2 yg sy pernah suka wakakaka. Dua2 punya mulut daras btl. Mau2 ni sa menangis d kadai xD then they tease my old crush, yg sy t'gila2 kan tu. Wahahahaha. Budu, lucu btl drg. Then my big bro says "b'kumis2 lagi tu, entah kenapa mau pg suka cina tua *laughs* kau buta kali ni" waahahahha. and d sana sy t'snap. bnyk ni abg sepupu sy yg tau sa punya crush sepa tus ketawa2 ijik2, drg blg sa butakah. wahahahaha. okay, jahat oh drg. yaa, mmng dia tdk hensem. kdg2 sa t'geli sama diri sa sendiri sbp suka dia wahahaha punyaa jahat sa ==" kalu cantik == okayy, sorry2. tpi, mcm mna lagi, sa pernah benci dia kan. Ohyaa, i've gotten over him completely xD. I din't even think of him during holidays xD kecuali yg awal2 la hahaha. I feel freeeeeeee. Haahhaah. whenever lagu jiwang b'pasang mau temuntah sa dgr wakakaka. kin panas ni dgr xD apa lagi quotes yg jiwang2, lau dulu selalu sa mau baca brabis skrng, teda mood ohh langsung xD bahagia ohh bgini xD walaupun lonely sikit, tapi siok lg :D dpt lagi sa fokus ma Tuhan dan family sa. Teda lagi sy sikit2 sakit hati, sikit2 jeles2. hahaha. gete okay. waakakakka. I hope next year, i don 't fall in love with anyone :D i wanna focus on PMR!! if i can la. Sebab mana kita dpt jangka ni hati kan. Kdg2 pndai dtg kesundalan dia. Ni taun sedih ja saaaa. i cried 3 times for 3 different guys this year. gete kan xD non of my relationships lasts long. Ada yg belum lg jadi pun suda sa t'menangis2 == lemah betul. kin gali. palui. mcm budu ja mau menangis2 ==" biarlah tu, tu kisah 2012. that's why for 2013 no more falling for any bastard. I still have a long way to go in my life. I will meet Mr. Right when i grow up ! but rite now, yg palui2 ja tu. hahahaha. lucu ni sy tngk ory yg ckp kunun "FOREVER" , "INFINITE", "NOT MY FIRST BUT MY LAST" bla bla bla bnyk lg la. puihh laa tu semua. Cinta munyit ja ba tu. Ndabaaa, ada juga la yg kekal btl2 ;) tpi kebanyakkan tdk. hahaaha. Tapi sy jeles juga ni kdg2, org yg relationship dia smpai b'tahun2, tapi masi lg sweet xD. tapi teapa lahh. siapa lahh sa ni kan. gumuk. bejerawat ==" tapi ini lah sy. wakakak bnyk suda sa merapuhh. ba k bye. dtg lagi satu masalah =="

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Time flies by so fast.........

Without me realizing, it's already 22nd of december. Christmas is around the corner. 25th December, the day my lord saviour Jesus Christ was born. I can't wait for that ;D Hmm, seriously i didn't even realize that it's already December. Mcm yang hari terakhir sekolah utk 2012 baru kemarin. And now, 10 more days and school re-opens for 2013. I don't know which class i'm gonna be in, but i'm quite sure it's still in the same class. 90% sure. But whatever. Who cares which class i'm gonna be in. If i'm still in the same class, i hope there's no annoying people gets in our class. Paling bgs, everyone in our class maintains. Because this year, i really love everyone in my class. So many fun,humiliating,sad,annoying moments with them. ehh yaka, ntah la ;p tapi ada la juga urg bikin panas di kelas. hohohoh. tp nda barapa juga la. I hope 2013, will be a better year, not like 2012, we lost a friend ;(( KENNY YAP I miss him a lot. I had a dream bout him. But i say it here, because i'm too lazy to type. But, in my dream, he told me he misses us ;) haihh, bnyk juga org kasi cerita yg drg t'mimpi dia. Haih, i hope he's with God now. Ohya, baru2 ni drg ckp kiamat la apa segala. Tp thank God nothing happened on 21.12.12 . I hope everything's fine now. I've already bought all my school stuffs. Aishh, tapi kin panas ohh. I didn't get the form 3 text book. Because i lost one form 2 textbook. It's a chinese text book. Bkn penting utk sy juga ;p i wanted to pay it this year, but the teacher says next year baru buli bayar. Jadi next year baru buli dapat. asihhhhhhh. kalau next year mesti tdk lengkap suda tu buku text yg kana kasi. Mesti ada yg hilang2 suda tu. haisss. teapa la, baru sa tau, kotoh. sepa suru kasi hlng buku ==".

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WHY? ;(

Why ? why must this happen to our family ? My lil bro and sis got thalessemia, isn't that worse enough?  Then the nurse told us that, my lil sis has a heart problem? Why? I can't stop crying. I dont wanna lose them. I love them so much. It's just not fair. I'm really terrified of losing the. I don't wanna lose them ;( Surviving thalessemia isn't easy. Most of them can only live to 20++ years old. My cousin had thalessemia too, but he died at the age of 25 on 2007. Losing him really hurts. I cant afford losing my lil bro and sis T_T i really don't wanna lose them. Oh God :( Why?  Well, we're gonna do an opperation. But i dont know when, the opperation is called bone marrow transplant. And i'm the only who suits both of them. My big bro and sis doesn't suit them. And the worse part is, i can only save one person :( last2, adik prmpuan sy yg akan sy dermakan. sbp, adik sy yg lelaki suda terlambat bilang tu doktor. he's already 12 years old. And my lil sis is 4 years old. Lau nda silap tda bleh limpas umur 7 tahun. nda tau la. sa pun lupa2 suda. Haisss. I was happy that i could save my lil sis, but then suddenly, she had a heart problem ? Why? Its not fair this way. I cant accept this. Why must this happen to our family? But i don't blame God at all. But im just confused. Maybe God has some other plans for our family. But, please God, i dont wanna lose them :( Kalau la, sa dpt kasi selamat kedua2 adik sy, sy sanggup buat apa2 ja, even if it means losing my own life. I'll sacrifice everything for them. Because i love them so much. Sudah jatuh, dtitimpah tangga lagi . Badluck keeps coming our way. But i still believe in You God, my trust to God will never fade. I hope someday, a miracle will happen. All this time, I was only thinking bout my stupid life , and my crush and everything that's not important, while my lil bro and sis is fighting their sickness. Im really dissapointed at myself. From now on, i dont wanna think about useless thing anymore, God and my family is my top priority. No more wasting my time thinking about crush and heartbreaks. That's not important anymore. I don't wanna care bout unimportant stuffs anymore. I hope there's a cure for both of them. God, please don't take them away from us. Amen. and please, heal their sickness ;( Amen to that. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's time to move on ;)

I've wasted my time waiting for him, i've wasted everything. there's no use for me to wait for him, because he will never understand how much i like him (okay jiwang ;p) biarlah ni mlm ja sa jiwang2 keno :P haha. he just keep telling me to wait and wait and wait, well you know what, i'm sick of waiting. i've waited for you too long. not that long la, but to me it's long. you keep giving fake hopes. how come oh? why?  it's hurting me so much. so fuckin stop all that shit your giving me can you? your killing my heart. :'( u told me, after exam? yalah, i understand juga ba. you want to focus on your exam juga kan. but i cant wait that long :( and it feels like your ignoring me. and i cant stand that. if you dont wanna accept me, just say it wont cha? i wont force you ba :(( i just want an honest answer. knp kau tda mau kasi jadi terus? dulu yg i confess to you bout my feelings, you said you like me too, but when i ask you since when, you say it's a secret? or maybe because you never felt that way to me. then when you asked me when i started liking you, i told you lama suda kan, masa yg anu lg. (rasiah :P) then you say, "rugi yg sy tdk bubut kau masa tu, tp tdapa skrng dpt jua. hehe" then apa tu? punya fake hope ;/ then when i ask you again, you said "tda tw la mngkin masi dlm percubaan" yessss, i remembered every words you said to me. i'm disgusting arent i. yeahh i dont freakin care! Tida tau la kau :( kenapa juga kau mau ckp gtu ma sa? and you told me to dont then my friends about us. then you said i love you to me. but, then beberapa hari kemudian tba2 kau tda tau? knp kau tda tau? ataupun kau mabuk hari tu yg kau ckp kau suka saya juga? antah la kau. if you dont feel the same way, just be honest with me buli ka? And i keep hoping and hoping and hoping. but nothing good ever happens to me juga :'( ohh why? and the other i asked you again, smpai bila la dlm percubaan. and you told me "Lps exam lh. . lps tu syg yg tntukan kita mau teruskan atw tda" ohh yaa, i forgot, asal dia text sa, dia pngil syg. knp? bukan kah itu fake hope? please la wey. stop it. selagi kau tda brenti calling me that, selagi itu la i cant get over you, baa mcm mna lg kan? kalu urg yg kau suka dan yg teda2 kapel pngil kau "SAYANG" doesnt that make you melt? and well, he didnt text me today. and i didnt see him online. and i got worried. what if something bad happened to you. eee palis2 jauh2. tidak apa lah. may God bless you, and may the Lord protect you from every danger la :') yesss. and maybe, cinta saya bertepuk sebelah tangan xD. tp nevermind that, i cant force you. tp stop the fake hopes. And yeah, it's really time for me to MOVE ON with my life. I cant wait any much longer. How bout we just stay as friends ? :) because, gara2 tlampau bnyk kali sa sakit hati gara2 kau, my feelings for you drop drastically ni :) But thats a good thing for you baa. Tngk la, if after exam passed, and if i still have that itsy bitsy feeling for you, i'll ask you again about our relationship, but if i dont have feelings for you anymore that time, i'll act like nothing had ever happened seja la :') make dont know ja. and we just stay as friends. because i know, you'll never ask about that. because you dont freakin care. you never put in any effort into creating an "US" because you really dont give a damn bout me right. I does hurt, but i dont mind ^^ life lessons la katakan. hahaha. okla. tinggal tunggu dan diam2 ja la. tp lau hlng da feeling sa lg bgs kan. i'll never get hurt by you anymore :')
 In the end i did text and told him what i feel, but blablabla ;(


 if a guy like this even exist ;/

But jarang betul you text me :') Okayla i'm off. adios amigos.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Why God? :'(

Today is the most saddest day of my life :'( i've just lost a friend. :( Knp? Knp kau mesti pergi Kenny? Knp? aiyaaaa. Sa menyesal atas semua salah sa ma kau! sa syg kau sbagai kwn sa ! sa awal2 suda rindu kau! Apalagi kalo kau sudah kena kubur nanti! :'( baru tadi pulang kau mau main2 siram saya :'( kau minum2 air kau, kita sama2 jalan masa pulang tadi . Kita bemain2 lg d kelas td. Kta ketawa2. kau pg duduk d kumpulan kami. Knp? knp kau tinggalkan kami telampau cepat? Sepa lg yg mau buat sa ketawa d kelas? Hari isnin exam, spatut nya kau duduk dekat ma sa. Sbp susunan nama mmng gtu suda. Suda sa buat2 plan mau sama kau becerita2 smua, tp kini kau telah pergi. Sa akan rindu kau. I love you as friend :'( sa btl2 rasa bersalah atas smua salah sa ma kau. Sa btl2 bnyk salah ma kau ! Sa menyesal! sa menyesal semua! Sa menyesal tdk layan kau bgs! sa ijik2 kau lg tadi d kelas ! knp sa gni bodoh! sudah ada petanda2 ba, knp sa xsedar. hari tu ada kau ckp ma sa, "kalo sy mati teda urg menangis tu kan, sbp tlampau kana benci" adada, sa jwb terus memang lae tu. bodoh oh sa. sa menyesal! knp sa bodoh! sa rindu kau KENNY YAP HEAN FOONG! Sa tda dpt trima kepergian kau! Mmng kelas akan sunyi ni sbp teda kau sudah :( sa ingt lae kau ckp td kau bilang kau mau jln kaki lae pg tenis, smbil ketawa2. knp kau xterus pg tenis? knp kau mau pg swimming lg? kalo sa tau sa brabis halang kau ! Haisss. Tapi, kalau Tuhan sudah panggil kau, kita patut terima ja semua nya. Dear God, please save his soul, forgive all his sins.May he live an eternal life with You in Heaven.  I hope he's happy with You God. Please bless him. I hope his family dpt menerima kepergian dia :'( Amen.
Dear Kenny, may your soul rest in peace. We will never forget you. You'll always live in our heart. God bless. I'm sorry for every mistakes i've done to you. We will ALWAYS love you. :) 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Moving On :D

Hello there dear bloggers :D I guess i'll just move on with my life and stop thinking bout my past. Haha. Seeing him at school really breaks my heart. But what to do la kan. -,-' nevermind bout that. I dont hate him anymore :) Bikin tambah dosa ja kans mau bnci2. hahaha. Hmmm. But my feelings are fading. Bagus la kan (Y) hahaha. K. I dont wanna fall in love anymore. And i found a way, kalo rasa2 diri kau mau tesuka tuu urg sudah, jgn kau lyn perasaan kau. Dont tell anyone. Keep it to yourself. Dont talk about him. Hahaha. Begitu laa sa. It worked for me ba. Sbp i think i'm falling for a friend. Hahaha. Sbp terapat suda ba ma dia. Tapi xda jadi pula feeling sa ma dia. Sbp sa mengelakan diri daripada perasaan sa. Haaha. I dont want to fall in love anymore, i'm tired of broken hearts. I'm SICK of it. Hahaha. I want a relationship that lasts terus. Bkn yg terus2 brek. Hahaha. Sa tda tahan suda lau break2 ni. I hate that word. And, sa xmau sedih2 gara2 lelaki suda. Buat sementara SINGLE. :D No more falling in love for me. Heee :D Ohyaa, last night i went to friends birthday party. We took a lot of pictures. Tapi line skrng tidak mengizinkan.So sa upload ninahh gmbr jaa. Heee. :) This doesn't mean anything ahh. He's only a FRIEND. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Hahahaha. I feel really bad for mocking last night. Hahaha. okay, i'll follow my friend's advice. I'll not hate him. I'll learn to forgive. Life is too short to hate others :D Haha:D okayy, mengkali sa pun ada salah ba, mmng dia ada panas ma gaya sa ba tu. Pasal tu laa dia lyn sa gtu. Nevermind ba. Hahaha. Sepa suru sa kan. Tapi berlaa, sa teda menangis juga. Hahaha. Nevermind ba :D This shows that you're not the right one for me. Why should i be sad because of a guy that doesn't love me anymore, i have GOD's love, my friends and my family jugaa baa :) Drg lebih penting berbanding dgn hal ini. Hihi, sa okayy jaa. Sa xjuga tlampau sedih. Tp i feel satisfied juga ba. I'm sorry God for mocking last night, hope You can forgive me. :( Tapi bkn salah dia jaa, sa pun b'salah ba. Hahaha. Tapi what to do la kan xD. I dont hate you. I'm just gonna ignore you until kemarahan sa redah. Lps sa tdk marah kau suda, baa sa akan lyn kau mcm kwn ba :D Hahaha. Tp buat smentara wktu, we are STRANGERS. :) Just for sementara waktu laa. Haha. Who needs boys to be happy . I got friends that can make me laugh. :D Okayy, back to SINGLE. hahaah bgs laa xD. No more drama no more sakit hati xD. Dan sa dpt suda focus dlm pelajaran sa balik. Saya tidak akan b'couple lae. Kecuali anuu la xD My heart isn't healed yet. I'll only pray to God. Hahaha. K la, sa xmau ckp pasal dia suda. Kbye :D

Monday, June 04, 2012

Unduk Ngadau for the first time !

Shalom. :D
Unduk ngadau was bad for me la. Hahaha. I can't walk nicely like the others. Sebab badan sa memang karas. Hahahaha. The other contestant punya muka relakss ja. Tp muka sa ja yg palui tlampau risau. Kaakakaka. Berla kn first-timer ba katakan. Ada la juga yg buat muka risau hahahaha. Ohh yaaa dan yalaa mmng sa tda manang ;p because i suck. hahahah. Sa mana tahan mau senyum lama2 ;p b'gagar ba mulut sa. xD Lepas tu kn yg last2 maua dakat kana kasi tau suda tu sepa yg JUARA UNDUK NGADAU Terus contestant kana suruh menaari sumazau. OMG! Gila!!!!!!!! I can't even dance! Hahaha. Eeee. malas sa mau ingat2 suda. Bikin malu!!! xD Hahahaaha, K la bgs sa  brenti. Nti taambaha kuyaakk sa rsa. Ni naa jaa laa gmbr2 kenangan sa ikt hahahah. Biar kalah yg penting dpt enjoy daan dpt pengalaman :D ( laepun dpt juga rm150 dan hamper besar;p)
Hehehexxx XD !

Friday, June 01, 2012

Kana paksa :'(

Haaisss, anty sa paksa sa ikt unduk ngadau baa. padahal baru 14 tahun ;p fake2 umur ja anty bilang sbp dia tukang urus tu unduk ngaadau juga ;p wkwkwk sepatutnya 16 above below 25 umur yg leh ikt. sa tba2 ikt. aiyaa. anty sa laitu yg suru2. sa guna umur kakak sa. hahaha. berlaa kmpung2 pnya juga ;p begagar ohh jantung sa. kin malu ja ni. -,- tau2 teampas ni d pantas tus temenaangis luntur make up adada. ee palui palis2. aiyaaa. kalo num akhir bikin malu jaaa. hrp2 dpt nombor yg okay2 la. kin malau ja nti. haaisss.dupdapdupdap baaa jntung sa ni. :'((((((((( sheeettttt. hahahah. aiyaaa. tkt2 sa kna ijik kazen2 sa ohh lau dpt num akhir ;p sa sadar baa sa buruk ;p hahhaha. Hrp2 xdpt num akhir laa dan hrp2 sa xgementar dan hrp2 sa xb'gagar dan hrp2 sa xtkt dan hrp2 sa dpt bejalan la knun2. Amen <3 Haiisss. sa takut ohh kana ijik brabiss nti. haisss. tp lumayan la juga sbp yg xmenang pn dpt sagu hati duit ;p . hahahha. dingar2 la knun. berlaaa . d kampung sa sendiri juga. haissss. takutt nyeeerrrr. aiyaaa. Please God, please help me to be calm. :'( aiyaaaaaaaaaaa, hrp2 teda perkara buruk atau perkara yg memalukan berlaku la. Amen <3  Please help me Lord. :'( hrp2 laa sa dpt buat yg t'baik.  mmng lps unduk ngadau abg sa ijik brabis tu -,- berlaa tahan hati setjaaa laa. Hari 6 baa! Skrng hari 5 suda! 02.06.2012 ba! aduiinaa!  mati la jatuh jaantung sa :'( hrp2 dpt buat yg t'baik la. Comfirm xda dpt top 3 tu. bnyk sumandak talawa. haha. Apa2 numbur pn sa b'syukur sda. asal kn bkn t'akhir. tu jaa. haisss. Dear Lord, once again, preety-preety please get rid of this feeling of scared in me. Haiiisssss. :'((((((((((((((((((( antahhhhhh. hrp2 sa dpt snym btl2 la. jan temiring la. aiyaaaa. sakit jantung sa :'(( k laaa b'gagar tangan sa suda. k bye. lots of love. Moahhhh. wkwkwkw. getee. xD 

Friday, March 30, 2012

: ' (

haaissshhh. today i wanna talk bout my lil sis. her name is Daphne. and she's 4 this 2012. I really pity her, she got this thalassemia illness. aishhh. the only way to safe her is for her to have a bone marrow transplant. and i have the same blood as hers. but i dont know when. but my lil bro have the same illness as well. and his blood are the same as mine too. damn. i cant give to both of them. but i really love them both, how i wish i could safe the both of them :'( why God, why? why must us? haiss. please Lord, i beg you, please give us miracle . Amen. hmm dan tadi sy p b'crita2x with my lil sis. tus tba2x dya ckp ma sa. "jie, tadi sy sembayang saturang" sa jwb d mna kau sembayang d bilik mamy ka. then she says " ya" tus sa ckp apa la kau sembayang tue. she replied " sy sembayang bapa kami, sa ckp ma Tuhan agar dya kasi sembuh sakit sy supaya sy tda kana pasang disferal suda emmm emmm... spaya sy xda paya pgi hospital sda" adada. punya kesian ni sa rsa. tekeluar air mata sa ni. haiss. pndai lae tu dya guna perkataan AGAR. she's only 4. dya paham suda pasal penyakit dya. but what she doesn't know is hayat dya xda panjang law teda buat tue pembedahan. saya sayang btl2x dua2x adik sy ni. sbnyk'bnyk urang d dunia nim knp mesti dorang? :'((