Saturday, January 10, 2015

My life now.

It has been a really really really long time since i last visited this so-called blog that i've created way back when i was a kid. i created it because i wanna follow the other kids so-called trend. But the blogging trend died down and yeah people forgot about their blog. And i've read my older post, it's quite embarrassing if u ask me >.< i was too focus on my stupid so-called love life. I'm gonna delete those old post when my internet line is better. i dont want other people finding it and reading it urghhhhhh talk about huge embarrassment. Now i'm 17 years old. i'm gonna be sitting for a big exam this year. it is called SPM. i'm scared to bits. Because well im not that good in class. I cant believe how time flies by so fast. It felt as if it was just yesterday when i first entered high school. In a blink of an eye, im 17. well unofficially but whatever. im in my senior year now. i need to improve myself more in my studies. i have a lot of things to stress about but i can't let those things get to me. I have 9 subjects that i need to ace beautifully. 4 killer subjects and 5 main subjects. And i've lost 4kg through out my workout routine. but then i've gain back 3kg because i've been eating a lot since Christmas T.T so that's quite my fault. i'll work harder. my motto this year, "Wether you think you can,or think you can't,YOU'RE RIGHT" so i must believe in myself for me to achieve everything i've dreamt of. yes all it takes is hard work and determination. and faith in your capability. This year is a struggling year. i shouldn't lose my focus. Today is Saturday, School's re-opening on Monday! And thats when my study life begins. I'll be going to a lot of tuition and i'll be doing lots of studying at home. so i guess no more access to the internet for me too much. mom is so againts it. But i know,she's doing it for my sake,so that i wont waste my time and lose my focus. I'm mentally unprepared for this year >.< i can't believe it. It's my senior year. I can't let it come to waste. It's my last year of high school. I must spend it happily with my classmates. I wont be seeing them in 10 years or so. We'll all go our own path. Maybe some will further their studies together,but not all. If i put 100% focus on my studies and stop talking to my friends,years from now i would regret it miserably. So yeah, i should divide my time equally. and not to forget keeping myself fit! i shouldn't stress myself too much or else my acne would worsen. Today and tomorrow is gonna be the last time i enjoy myself without tuition and studies. so i guess this is all from me now. oh yeah and