Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Oh Gosh it's been awhile..

It's been ages since i last posted something here. wow. i totally forgot i actually got a blog. and its so damn embarassing reading all those old post. i'm thinking about deleting everything. and maybe i should. it's not even important. it's stupid and childish. most of it was about my failed relationships and all those stupid crush. and how broken i've been blablabla. i know its disgusting. but what can u expect. i was just a little girl. but i'm not gonna delete it now. maybe some other time i guess. tomorrow is a school day. and its already 11 something. but i slept for hours on the afternoon. and i regret it. i should be on my studying table and finish my physic homework. but here i am wasting time typing all this shits. lol. we need to pass up that book tomorrow or else will demerit us 10. but honestly i dont really care about demerits. because my merits are really high haha. but i dont like dissapointing a teacher. guess i'll wake up early tomorrow morning and finish what i can finish. and wow, time flies by so fast. i created this blog when i was in 13 yrs old, and now i'm 16 ! wow. so PMR sucked badly. and i regret for not studying from the start and for playing around too much :'( i got 3As4Bs. i envy those other students who got more As. arghh. i regret so damn much for fooling around too much. lazy ass! i got in a science tream class (class A) tapi sy tdk mau di sana, jadi sy memohon pgi kelas B. And now i'm in class B. honestly, the reason is because i have more friends in class B. sometimes, i do regret requesting to class B. haha. but what pass is past. our subjects in class B is malay,english,moral,maths,history,account,physic,chemistry and addmaths. beza kelas A sama kelas B pasal biology seja ba tu. drg teda akaun tapi ada bio. hmm. semester 1 is around the corner! its on 8th of May! im scared of getting bad results :'( my March test result it 

for the first time in my whole student life i failed my malay. im such a disgrace to my mom :'( she even teaches malay in her school! and i never got  lower than 60. well,its because i was over confident about myself. thats my biggest mistake. well its no use crying over spilt milk :'( but semester 1, i have too many activities to think about. i dont have enough time to study. and im wasting my time typing this ! biarlah dulu ni sem1. huhuhu. tiada pilihan. haish. yala. i promise sem 2 i'll do better than before! acc,chem,phy and +maths is so damn hard T.T i'm trying my best to catch up with those subject and try my best to understand it. haiss. i wish i was like those genuises. but i'm not. i have to work my ass off to get achieve some thing. haish. and i'm getting sleepier right now. i' ll wake up early tomorrow and then workout. and if i've got time,i'll change everthing about my blog. its humiliating! haha. toodles blogger!