Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WHY? ;(

Why ? why must this happen to our family ? My lil bro and sis got thalessemia, isn't that worse enough?  Then the nurse told us that, my lil sis has a heart problem? Why? I can't stop crying. I dont wanna lose them. I love them so much. It's just not fair. I'm really terrified of losing the. I don't wanna lose them ;( Surviving thalessemia isn't easy. Most of them can only live to 20++ years old. My cousin had thalessemia too, but he died at the age of 25 on 2007. Losing him really hurts. I cant afford losing my lil bro and sis T_T i really don't wanna lose them. Oh God :( Why?  Well, we're gonna do an opperation. But i dont know when, the opperation is called bone marrow transplant. And i'm the only who suits both of them. My big bro and sis doesn't suit them. And the worse part is, i can only save one person :( last2, adik prmpuan sy yg akan sy dermakan. sbp, adik sy yg lelaki suda terlambat bilang tu doktor. he's already 12 years old. And my lil sis is 4 years old. Lau nda silap tda bleh limpas umur 7 tahun. nda tau la. sa pun lupa2 suda. Haisss. I was happy that i could save my lil sis, but then suddenly, she had a heart problem ? Why? Its not fair this way. I cant accept this. Why must this happen to our family? But i don't blame God at all. But im just confused. Maybe God has some other plans for our family. But, please God, i dont wanna lose them :( Kalau la, sa dpt kasi selamat kedua2 adik sy, sy sanggup buat apa2 ja, even if it means losing my own life. I'll sacrifice everything for them. Because i love them so much. Sudah jatuh, dtitimpah tangga lagi . Badluck keeps coming our way. But i still believe in You God, my trust to God will never fade. I hope someday, a miracle will happen. All this time, I was only thinking bout my stupid life , and my crush and everything that's not important, while my lil bro and sis is fighting their sickness. Im really dissapointed at myself. From now on, i dont wanna think about useless thing anymore, God and my family is my top priority. No more wasting my time thinking about crush and heartbreaks. That's not important anymore. I don't wanna care bout unimportant stuffs anymore. I hope there's a cure for both of them. God, please don't take them away from us. Amen. and please, heal their sickness ;( Amen to that.