Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's time to move on ;)

I've wasted my time waiting for him, i've wasted everything. there's no use for me to wait for him, because he will never understand how much i like him (okay jiwang ;p) biarlah ni mlm ja sa jiwang2 keno :P haha. he just keep telling me to wait and wait and wait, well you know what, i'm sick of waiting. i've waited for you too long. not that long la, but to me it's long. you keep giving fake hopes. how come oh? why?  it's hurting me so much. so fuckin stop all that shit your giving me can you? your killing my heart. :'( u told me, after exam? yalah, i understand juga ba. you want to focus on your exam juga kan. but i cant wait that long :( and it feels like your ignoring me. and i cant stand that. if you dont wanna accept me, just say it wont cha? i wont force you ba :(( i just want an honest answer. knp kau tda mau kasi jadi terus? dulu yg i confess to you bout my feelings, you said you like me too, but when i ask you since when, you say it's a secret? or maybe because you never felt that way to me. then when you asked me when i started liking you, i told you lama suda kan, masa yg anu lg. (rasiah :P) then you say, "rugi yg sy tdk bubut kau masa tu, tp tdapa skrng dpt jua. hehe" then apa tu? punya fake hope ;/ then when i ask you again, you said "tda tw la mngkin masi dlm percubaan" yessss, i remembered every words you said to me. i'm disgusting arent i. yeahh i dont freakin care! Tida tau la kau :( kenapa juga kau mau ckp gtu ma sa? and you told me to dont then my friends about us. then you said i love you to me. but, then beberapa hari kemudian tba2 kau tda tau? knp kau tda tau? ataupun kau mabuk hari tu yg kau ckp kau suka saya juga? antah la kau. if you dont feel the same way, just be honest with me buli ka? And i keep hoping and hoping and hoping. but nothing good ever happens to me juga :'( ohh why? and the other i asked you again, smpai bila la dlm percubaan. and you told me "Lps exam lh. . lps tu syg yg tntukan kita mau teruskan atw tda" ohh yaa, i forgot, asal dia text sa, dia pngil syg. knp? bukan kah itu fake hope? please la wey. stop it. selagi kau tda brenti calling me that, selagi itu la i cant get over you, baa mcm mna lg kan? kalu urg yg kau suka dan yg teda2 kapel pngil kau "SAYANG" doesnt that make you melt? and well, he didnt text me today. and i didnt see him online. and i got worried. what if something bad happened to you. eee palis2 jauh2. tidak apa lah. may God bless you, and may the Lord protect you from every danger la :') yesss. and maybe, cinta saya bertepuk sebelah tangan xD. tp nevermind that, i cant force you. tp stop the fake hopes. And yeah, it's really time for me to MOVE ON with my life. I cant wait any much longer. How bout we just stay as friends ? :) because, gara2 tlampau bnyk kali sa sakit hati gara2 kau, my feelings for you drop drastically ni :) But thats a good thing for you baa. Tngk la, if after exam passed, and if i still have that itsy bitsy feeling for you, i'll ask you again about our relationship, but if i dont have feelings for you anymore that time, i'll act like nothing had ever happened seja la :') make dont know ja. and we just stay as friends. because i know, you'll never ask about that. because you dont freakin care. you never put in any effort into creating an "US" because you really dont give a damn bout me right. I does hurt, but i dont mind ^^ life lessons la katakan. hahaha. okla. tinggal tunggu dan diam2 ja la. tp lau hlng da feeling sa lg bgs kan. i'll never get hurt by you anymore :')
 In the end i did text and told him what i feel, but blablabla ;(


 if a guy like this even exist ;/

But jarang betul you text me :') Okayla i'm off. adios amigos.