Saturday, December 22, 2012

Time flies by so fast.........

Without me realizing, it's already 22nd of december. Christmas is around the corner. 25th December, the day my lord saviour Jesus Christ was born. I can't wait for that ;D Hmm, seriously i didn't even realize that it's already December. Mcm yang hari terakhir sekolah utk 2012 baru kemarin. And now, 10 more days and school re-opens for 2013. I don't know which class i'm gonna be in, but i'm quite sure it's still in the same class. 90% sure. But whatever. Who cares which class i'm gonna be in. If i'm still in the same class, i hope there's no annoying people gets in our class. Paling bgs, everyone in our class maintains. Because this year, i really love everyone in my class. So many fun,humiliating,sad,annoying moments with them. ehh yaka, ntah la ;p tapi ada la juga urg bikin panas di kelas. hohohoh. tp nda barapa juga la. I hope 2013, will be a better year, not like 2012, we lost a friend ;(( KENNY YAP I miss him a lot. I had a dream bout him. But i say it here, because i'm too lazy to type. But, in my dream, he told me he misses us ;) haihh, bnyk juga org kasi cerita yg drg t'mimpi dia. Haih, i hope he's with God now. Ohya, baru2 ni drg ckp kiamat la apa segala. Tp thank God nothing happened on 21.12.12 . I hope everything's fine now. I've already bought all my school stuffs. Aishh, tapi kin panas ohh. I didn't get the form 3 text book. Because i lost one form 2 textbook. It's a chinese text book. Bkn penting utk sy juga ;p i wanted to pay it this year, but the teacher says next year baru buli bayar. Jadi next year baru buli dapat. asihhhhhhh. kalau next year mesti tdk lengkap suda tu buku text yg kana kasi. Mesti ada yg hilang2 suda tu. haisss. teapa la, baru sa tau, kotoh. sepa suru kasi hlng buku ==".

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