Friday, December 28, 2012


Now that i think of it, in just 3 days i am 15 already. Then school starts. I'll be struggling for PMR next year. That means less online for me and more studying. My mom expects me to get many A's. But i'm not smart like the other kids out there. But mom just don't get me. But i can't blame her, she wants a better future for me. I'll must work hard to make her proud of me. My UPSR results suckss. ==" 2A's 3B's and 2D's ! i failed my chinese. Hohoho. but i and A for english and malay paper one. maths,science and malay paper two B. i was hoping malay ppr 2 was A. but i was just so stupid. my real targer was 3A's 2B's and 2C's . tapi nda kesampaian............... biarlahh tu kenangan lampau :-P skrng mau fokus PMR!! well maybe this is too early to set a target but my targe!t is 4A's 3B's. wakakakaka. kalau dapat laaa :'( that's why i wanna work hard! no more fooling around! and most of all NO MORE FALLING IN LOVE! falling in love with someone adalah perkara yg paling buang masa! hilang fokus mau belajar! haisss. t'ingt terus bad memories ohh spanjang 2012 ==" i cried 3 times for 3 different guys! how weak. that's why i didn't focus much on my exams this year. and i had bad grades == ! mana dpt fokus kan ? jadi i will force myself to block my heart! tapi mcm mana ba tdamau jatuh sinta ni? :( i fall for guys easily aishhhh. itula kelemahan sa. i love them easily. and i get hurt easily too. tapi i'll try my best to keep my head on the books. next year no more jalan2 with friends, no more online-ing too much. ahhahaha,. kbye. tba2 malas mau menaip

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