Monday, December 24, 2012

annoying person -,-

So there's this person. i've been ditching him, quite a long time already. Let's say, he's my worse nightmare? Nahhh, just kidding. Well, he's not really my worse nightmare. Well, i just hate him. He's actually an EX ==" he broke up with me two times then he asked me a third chance. Dulu la. Bla bla bla. lama juga dia brabis merayu. balik2 sa reject suda. it's been almost a year i haven't seen his face. I forgot how he looks like already. Since he moved to somewhere else. But who cares. Kin gali dia guna ayat2 jiwang dulu. hahahaha. bila t'ingt balik lucu pula. wahahaha. susah btl mau buat dia give up. terpaksa sa guna cara menipu yg sa ada urg lain sdh. tus blablabla bnyk perkara b'laku. mls sa mau taip hehehoho. ntah npa sa xmau kasi dia chance. i really don't have any intentions of taking him back, but when i heard he moved on and has a new girlfriend. i felt devastated. I don't even know why. but deep down inside, i still care bout him. hahaha. so we just become friendas. then, lama2 makin kin panas gaya dia !@#$%^& then i ditch him. i never replied his text messages ever again. i didn't even think of him a bit. because he texted me so many times and i didn't replied then maybe he thought i changed my number and he never texted me again. Baguslah (Y) then sejak sekian lama, i was scrolling on facebook, and i liked every post that i saw. then suddenly, i saw this person facebook name, it gave me nostalgia feelings bout his name. but i didn't remember anything. I just felt like i knew that name. but that facebook account didn't use real name. so, i checked his profile, then something hit me on my brain. it was him. then i checked his picture. but i don't even remember his face anymore. he looked more mature than the last time i saw him at school. i wasn't sure if that was him or not. so looked through my old facebook conversations, blm lagi t'smpai tmpt dia then dpt chat dari tu fb. dia bilang hai:) tus sa pura2 tanya sepa ni. tus dia ckp dia tu urg. zzzz. nahh kan. so i'm chatting with him now. and he got a new gf already. but says his lonely. ishhh budu teda urg tanya. to be honest, sakit juga la hati. tapi biarlah. siapa suru sya :D k la. malas sa mau lyn dia. ba sa chau dulu. peace yo. hahahahha.

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