Saturday, July 28, 2012

Moving On :D

Hello there dear bloggers :D I guess i'll just move on with my life and stop thinking bout my past. Haha. Seeing him at school really breaks my heart. But what to do la kan. -,-' nevermind bout that. I dont hate him anymore :) Bikin tambah dosa ja kans mau bnci2. hahaha. Hmmm. But my feelings are fading. Bagus la kan (Y) hahaha. K. I dont wanna fall in love anymore. And i found a way, kalo rasa2 diri kau mau tesuka tuu urg sudah, jgn kau lyn perasaan kau. Dont tell anyone. Keep it to yourself. Dont talk about him. Hahaha. Begitu laa sa. It worked for me ba. Sbp i think i'm falling for a friend. Hahaha. Sbp terapat suda ba ma dia. Tapi xda jadi pula feeling sa ma dia. Sbp sa mengelakan diri daripada perasaan sa. Haaha. I dont want to fall in love anymore, i'm tired of broken hearts. I'm SICK of it. Hahaha. I want a relationship that lasts terus. Bkn yg terus2 brek. Hahaha. Sa tda tahan suda lau break2 ni. I hate that word. And, sa xmau sedih2 gara2 lelaki suda. Buat sementara SINGLE. :D No more falling in love for me. Heee :D Ohyaa, last night i went to friends birthday party. We took a lot of pictures. Tapi line skrng tidak mengizinkan.So sa upload ninahh gmbr jaa. Heee. :) This doesn't mean anything ahh. He's only a FRIEND. 

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